On February 10th, the official Kick-off Meeting of Highlands.3 took place in Brussels (Belgium). The meeting have addressed the main aspects to consider by the partners for the correct development of the activities. Representatives of 27 institutions from 14 different countries involved in the project attended the conferences.

This journey consisted of four blocks of content. The first block, moderated by Fernando Ruiz Peyré (IGF/ÖAW), was an introduction between different participants, giving the opportunity to a first exchange of profiles and perspectives that are part of the project. In a second session led by Oscar Pérez Punzano (Project Officer), the RISE rules and the implementation of the project were addressed, with a round of interventions to clarify doubts. Before lunch break, Bedanna Bapuly and Barbara Hoflehner (OÄW) presented details regarding the Consortium Agreement, Ethics & Data Protection, audits, record keeping and other financial aspects

Last session occupied the entire afternoon. It consisted of two presentations on the development of the project activities as a whole and in the first R&IS, respectively. The first presentation was offered by Fernando Ruiz Peyré, and detailed some Governing Mechanisms, division into Work Packages and how to prepare Secondment Plans. To conclude the journey, Jean-François Tourrand (TLS) advanced the main contents of the first R&IS that will take place in the French Massif Central and invited a broad participation of all partners.

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