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Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas  

Sustainable tourism

The success achieved through tourism in numerous regions in the developed world has given rise to hopes and expectations in the developing world. However, tourism development in highland regions depends on many factors – from the attractiveness, culture, safety, professionalism of local businesses and hospitality structures to the availability of investment capital. Tourism has been labelled as the “holy Grail” or a panacea for the economic, social and natural development of highlands. Though this may be a seasonal reality in some places, these communities must still have livelihoods in “off seasons”. Equally, in some regions the development of tourism has had disastrous results, with only short-lived economic development. Tourism can bring positive and negative outcomes. However, if well managed, tourism contributes to inclusive local development. Local stakeholders can have significant roles, through employment, engaging in business or social initiatives. Integrating local communities can contribute towards building a society that is conscious of this importance. 


“Potentialities of territorial development with sustainable production and tourism: the case of the Fourth Colony - Rio Grande do Sul/ Brazil” R. Verdruscolo (TLS, FR; UFSM, BR), M. Mezzomo (UFSM, BR) & J.-F. Tourrand (TLS, FR)
↗Presentation (PDF)

“LOFOTLAM – Make jobs and keep the landscape open” G. Karlsen (LOFOTLAM, NO)
↗Presentation (PDF)

“Learning together. Estrela Geopark strategic view and local partners environment roots” P. Jerónimo (AGE, PT)
↗Presentation (PDF)

“Less Is (Not) Better. Undertourism in the Galician Mountains?” M. Agrelo, V. Paül & J.M. Trillo (USC, ES)
↗Presentation (PDF)

“Alpine huts as pioneers to a socio-ecological transformation. A monitoring system to enhance sustainability in touristic mountain regions” J. Balling, D. Segat & J. Kister (UIBK, AT)
↗Presentation (PDF)


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