Partner and participants of our Highlands.3 network will organize eleven focus sessions of IMC2022, and hence, together with the keynote speech and the synthesis workshop presented above, contribute to an astounding 10% of the conference's content. Come and join us in our sessions:

↗Communicating mountain research otherwise (Plenary Seesion ID14)
↗Current Dynamics and trends in Housing in Mountain Area (Focus Session ID15)
↗Diversity and interactions in mountain livestock farming systems (Focus Session ID17)
↗Effects of digitalisation on participatory governance (Focus Session ID18)
↗Mountain huts: a lab to observe mountain transitions (Focus Session ID41)
↗Mountain Protected Natural Areas as Sustainable Development Tools? (Focus Session ID42)
↗Past, Recent and Future Changes in Mountain Transhumance (Focus Session ID50)
↗Social innovation in mountain areas (Focus Session ID62)
↗Towards climate neutrality in mountains (Focus Session ID73)
↗What future for Youth in Mountain? (Focus Session ID78)
↗Working conditions and attractiveness of agricultural jobs in mountain (Focus Session ID80)

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