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Sustainable Development in Mountain Areas  

Food studies and mountain agriculture



E. Sturaro (U. of Padova, IT): “Added value of mountain livestock systems: initiatives in eastern Italian Alps”.
↗Presentation (PDF)

M.A. Karatzia, D. Karatosidi, D. Tsiokos (HAO-Demeter, GR), D. Gaki (Terra Thessalia, GR) & C. Ligda (HAO-Demeter, GR): “Sustainability of livestock systems in Pindos mountain range”. 
↗Presentation (PDF)

R. Boga & V. Paül (U. of Santiago de Compostela, ES):  “A Food Overview of the Eastern Mountains of Galicia: Institutionalised Geographical Indications Conditioned by the Administrative Boundary?”. 
↗Presentation (PDF)

M. Chedid (American University of Beirut, LB): “Promoting traditional mountain foods: a case-study from the West Bekaa and Chouf of Lebanon”.
↗Presentation (PDF)

M. Houdart, E. Polge (INRAE, FR), M. Capitaine, S. Cournut, V. Baritaux, S. Loudiyi (VetAgroSup, FR), E. Clair, E. Cournut & D. Vergnaud (PNR Livradois Forez, FR): “Reterritorialization of food and integration of mountain and urban areas: illustration from the Territorial Food Project of Grand Clermont and Livradois Forez”.
↗Presentation (PDF)

Questions & Answers Report: ↗Q&A Report



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